For Your Beloveds

Women in Science

Designed Cells recruits and supports woman researchers and engineers. Indeed, woman workers in our company occupied 70% in 2020, and there is no discriminative treatment between man and woman members in welfare and salary.

Job & Income Creation in Farms

Because the Korean roses possessing diverse pharmacological activities are not florid, so they were at risk of extinction. Since we found out their excellent activities, out of 30,000 roses, the Korean roses’ values were rediscovered, and became a cash cow in farms. The Korean roses are used for R&D of functional cosmetics, functional foods (coffees), and therapeutics (neuroprotection).

Recruitment of Carrier-Interrupted Women

Designed Cells recruits and supports carrier-interrupted women due to delivery, child care, and other reasons. Potential women can return to our office and laboratories for their better lives.