For Your Beloveds


Well Aging

Incurable Disease Treatment & Health Span Elongation Development of stem cells encoding functional genes
Healthy Physical Activity Improvement Development of Innerhealth & Outerhealth Materials
Social Contribution Fair Society Realization by Returning Profits
Stem Cells ∙ Natural Products Research
  • R&D of stem cell therapeutics
  • R&D of eco-friendly natural materials
  • Evaluation of safety (toxicity & adverse-effects) and efficacy (effects & pharmacology)
Functional Cosmetics ∙ Functional Foods Development
  • Screening natural materials and manufacturing cosmetics
  • Improvement of exosomes’ efficiency and manufacturing cosmetics
  • Manufacturing safe and highly-effective functional foods
Social Welfare Services
  • In-office welfare Working environment without Monday depression, delighted workplace culture
  • Job creation Recruitment impassioned researchers, suturing interrupted career, screening of novel resources under contract with farmers
  • Returning profits Providing benefits to lower income bracket by reducing production cost and medical fee