For Your Beloveds

Vision & Mission


Hope for more patients…We are sure that our persistent efforts to develop stem cell therapies are a source of hope to the patients and their families...


We are taking steps to contribute to the healthy, happy lives of human beings by developing patient-oriented therapeutics encoding disease-target functional genes. Additionally, we continuously strive to achieve our ultimate goals for developing the most effective medicines at the lowest possible cost] via excellent core-technologies.

The Big E

Expertise – Global Leading Technology We are taking the lead in developing innovative treatments through our creative and unique cutting-edge technology.
Embracement – Companion Embrace - Companionship We embrace the patients and their families, are willing to share in their sorrow, and do our best to help them, as companions, to manage their incurable diseases.
Equity – Return All Profits Equity - Giving back to society We shall [give back to our communities] // [distribute our achieved profits] in an equitable manner, not only by developing advanced core-technology for incurable diseases, but also by innovatively lowering the cost of treatment.

The letter E in Designed Cells’ logo represents interactive genes that contain information necessary for cell growth and tissue regeneration, which symbolizes community-oriented living and communication. Our goal is to embrace people suffering from diseases and to give back to the community, as we declare “Designed Stem Cells for Your Beloveds”.