For Your Beloveds

Vision & Mission


Hope to more patients…
We are sure that our impatient efforts to develop stem cell therapeutics are worth casting hope to the patients and their family...


We take a step forward to contribute to healthy and happy lives of human-being by developing patient-oriented therapeutics encoding disease-target functional genes. Besides, we continuously strive to achieve our ultimate goals for developing the most-effective, but the least-expensive medicines via excellent core-technologies.

The Big E

Expertise – Global Leading Technology We take the lead in developing innovative treatments based on our creative and unique high-technology.
Embracement – Companion We feel the pain same with the patients and their family, are willing to embrace their sorrow, and do our best with them to overcome the incurable diseases as a companion.
Equity – Return All Profits We shall return all the profits we achieve not only by developing advanced core-technology for incurable diseases, but also by innovatively lowering the cost of treatment, in a manner of equity.

The alphabet E of the Design Cells’ logo is an expression of genes that are complementarily connected and contain information necessary for cell growth, tissue regeneration, and functional recovery, which means that we live together and communicate with each other in the community. Our ideal and goal are to embrace people suffering from diseases and to return all the profits achieved with the prominent technology to the community, as we declare “Designed Stem Cells for Your Beloveds”.