For Your Beloveds


Min-Seop Park,

CEO, Designed Cells Co., Ltd.

As you may be aware, we have entered the super-aged society and as such, our lifespan has extended to around 100 years. Instead of simply living for a long period, people nowadays consider living in a healthy manner to be more important. Even though we may live longer than 100 years, such a life would be accompanied by a great deal of unhappiness if we suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Since our establishment on June 24, 2016, we have conducted diverse researches for Well-Aging by overcoming Alzheimer’s disease and other incurable diseases based on our core-technology.

We believe our technology can be a game changer. Before establishing Designed Cells, our CEO James felt a genuine sense of responsibility, as an educator and entrepreneur, to give back to our society and the people who are desperately in need. Even when confronted with financial and economic hardships, our research team has persisted, dedicated to their goals, and conducted their hard work professionally.

Indeed, the name of Designed Cells is a contraction of “Designed stem Cells for your loved ones”. We shall be a companion for you, patients suffering from serious disease, as well as your families, in order to overcome our difficulties together, and spread worldwide a hope free from devastating diseases through our peerless high-technology, and return all profits in a manner of equity to the human society

Companion for those struggling with these debilitating diseases, as well as their families, in order to overcome these difficulties together. Through our unmatched high technology, we hope to build a world free from devastating diseases while giving back to society equitably.