For Your Beloveds


James Yun-Bae Kim,

CEO, Designed Cells Co., Ltd.

Professor, Chungbuk National University

As you may be aware, we have entered the super-aged society and as such, our lifespan has extended to around 100 years. Instead of simply living for a long period, people nowadays consider living in a healthy manner to be more important. Even though we may live longer than 100 years, such a life would be accompanied by a great deal of unhappiness if we suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Since our establishment on June 24, 2016, we have conducted diverse researches for Well-Aging by overcoming Alzheimer’s disease and other incurable diseases based on our core-technology.

The Designed Cells’ logo displays the vision of the company which studies stem cells that have functional genes and idealizes the networking of the genes. The letter E within the ‘Designed Cells’ is in the shape of a gene, and our logo signifies the designs and researches that our company undertakes for customized stem cells that contain functional genes.

Indeed, the name of Designed Cells is a contraction of “Designed stem Cells for your beloveds”. We shall be a companion of you, patients and your family, suffering from serious diseases to overcome the difficulties together, and spread worldwide a hope free from devastating diseases through our peerless high-technology, and return all profits in a manner of equity to the human society.